Top Five RPG Maker Tips to Master

After the Steam Winter Holiday Sale, there are a lot of new RPG Maker developers. The most common concern is where to begin. The Guelstie Universe has put together a quick list of RPG Maker tips for those new to the software.

RPG Maker tips for MV

1.Refer to the Help Documents (F1)

It isn’t the most detailed help available, but it is straight from the source. Within the original help files you will find an HTML document that list many different components.

Most importantly, documentation on the available JavaScript library is also in the help section. Experienced developers can find all the information they need to create your own plugins. Artist can even find standard asset sizes and dimensions.

2.Learn Basics of Graphic Design

RPG Maker Tips - Graphic Editing
RPG Maker Tips – A Graphic Editing Software Can Help You Create Sprite Sets.

One of the greatest RPG Maker tips is to learn basic graphic design. Free programs like Aseprite or Gimp will allow you to edit the standard graphics. If you’re more into a “pixel art” look, go with Aseprite.

Gimp is really good for creating the huge backgrounds RPG Maker MV can support. Of course, you can always go with a paid program like Photoshop.

3.MV Supports More Map Layers Than Previous Versions

Some developers are already familiar with previous versions of RPG Maker. In addition to an increase in tileset images available, RPG Maker MV now allows for a grass and a second doodad layer.

This means you can now draw a grass tile over a ground tile. (Tilesets “A”) You are also able to draw two doodads over the same tile. (Tilesets “B-E”) Keep in mind you will still be able to add an additional event image over the previous layers allowing for the most map customization of any series.

4.Use Self Switches

Whenever possible, it is best to use a self-switch instead of a global one. Save your main switches for important situations. Some plugins may even require the use of a main switch and it is easier to keep them available.

5.Play Test and Back Up Often

A huge and most common mistake in game development is also one that is easily avoided. Create a back up file for your project! Make sure you play test as often as you can to keep your project up to date. I always suggest you back up your entire project before adding any sort of plugin to your game.

I hope these RPG Maker tips serve you well. The Guelstie Universe is working on a full guide to getting started with RPG Maker.

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