RPG Maker Live Development Stream 10/16/17

Today I show my character creation technique using RPG Maker MV. In a previous video I discovered the “Name Input” function was not working properly.

This forced me to rethink the character system. Now the main characters had to be seen as important to the overall story instead of just some random followers.

Chronicles of Tamria won the RPG Biz Community RPGMaker Game jam!

You all rated the games on itch.io and my demo ended up on top! Thank you all who played and participated. It truly is a wonderful learning experience and I enjoyed working with all those great RPG Maker developers!

Every day I will be streaming for at least 30 minutes. Please take the survey on the videos this week to let me know what is the best time for you! Of course, you can always ask questions in the comments or here on the blog.


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