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Production on our first official RPG Maker game “Guelstie Origins” will be ready for demo later this month. This year has already started off on track with a great new development team too!  

RPG Maker MV - Playable Crane
I created this playable crane character using RPG Maker MV RTP.

More guest bloggers and developer tips are on the list of future updates as well.

In the mean time, I have been focusing more on graphic design. Technically that is where I got my start in game development.

Most of the core functions have already been completed, but polishing the graphics is another story. RPG Maker MV comes with a host of standardized templates known as RTP.

Using various design software, I am focusing on making animated character sheets to be used by the first game. The crane will be used for construction of new base mechanics.

For those unfamiliar with the video intro, check out our last post on the Origins Story.

Players will control various vehicles to construct their base. Gathering material samples will also be part of the engineer’s challenge. Choose which design to use and collect the right items to progress.

The ‘Command Console’ will allow you to connect online. Share achievements with friends, view your next objective, and other concepts are currently in alpha stages.

Finally, the Guelstie Universe is host to a myriad of magical beast. Your character will need to defend the expedition from unimaginable alien monsters.

Battle foes from within your bunker and customize your plan of attack. Upgrades to your main weapons will impact your strength and weaknesses.

February 17, 2017

Release of the core mechanics and demo is scheduled for next Friday. Guelstie Origins Chapter One will feature an introduction to the sci-fi fantasy and our first look at much more.

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