Polishing The JavaScript Programming Skills

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RPG Maker MV uses Javascript

To those familiar with RPG Maker MV it is no surprise that JavaScript is useful to know. The version utilizes plugins written in the popular language.

It isn’t the only game development engine that does either. Many use their own JavaScript libraries too.

I have been taking courses in the subject over the past weeks and I hope that it will eventually begin to show in future projects.

With a better understanding of the language, the Guelstie Universe can branch out beyond RPG Maker.

Development of plugins for MV is also in my sights. Any new found skill will be used primarily for creating a better user experience in the Guelstie Universe.

Tutorials and more in-depth guides will likely also be in the horizon.

Team 2017

Considerable changes for the blog are in the works. Part of that is putting together a core RPG Maker development team for 2017!

I am happy to welcome a couple of new members to the Guelstie Universe, and expect to ramp up production. The goal for the year is to produce at least one project a month.

Something I believe to be both ambitious and obtainable.  Introductions will be coming in the next few weeks. If you are interested in joining the development team, please leave us a comment below!

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