Guelstie Project and the story so far

Entrance to Renit Ridge of Guelstie

(The following post is regarding the events and story line of my personal RPGMaker game I call the Guelstie Project. If you enjoy the plot, please return when the first demo is available for download!)

Guelstie (gel-stee) is a world filled with magic and lore from an ancient civilization that vanished mysteriously long ago.The world itself is dominated by two major continents, Dernia and Laline. The events of “Elemental Awakening” occur after a young explorer named Junta discovers a new type of crystal that possesses a unique ability. The crystal, named “Yuel ‘Itan” (Yule-it-tahn) by the natives of the island in which it was found, is able to absorb the time around it and record any event it witnesses. It was obviously a relic from ancient times, but ripples in the past can lead to tremors of the future.

Dernia, at the time of Elemental Awakening, is a republic comprised of small city-states. Many of Dernia’s residents practice fire magic and are well known for their skills as metallurgist. The Order of the Iron Hand, is an institution for noble men and women from Dernia to train as paladins that defend the nation. Naturally, the Dernian Council was very interested in Junta’s discovery. Eventually a treaty was drawn up that split excavation rights among all other nations, but the crystal reveals Dernia had more sinister intentions.

Laline had once ruled all of Guelstie for many generations. High priest and priestess kept order with powerful healing magic, until the Iron Hand’s paladins mastered the ability to negate magic and won their independence. Centered in their grand capital city with the same name, stands a massive white tower. The temple houses Laline’s most influential priest and priestess. However, not much is publicly known about what actually goes on within the tower walls. Junta initially offered the new element to Laline, but the material was looked at as an abomination. It appeared that Laline’s inner circle of priest and priestess knew something more than they were willing to admit.

“Elemental Awakening” occurs several years after Junta’s discovery and follows the adventures of his most trusted legionnaire, Saous. Take control of Guelstie’s destiny as Saous struggles to uncover the mysteries behind the new element. Choices made will effect the growth of Saous and Junta’s home nation of Treblige (Tre-bleej) as well as the characters available to join your party!

Guelstie Project: Elemental Awakening