Guelstie Prologue

A Brief Glimpse into Guelstie’s Future

I wrote a short prologue last year that sparked the very essence of what Guelstie is today. The following story details the beginning journey of Sess, Saos’s son. Over a decade has passed since the events in Elemental Awakening unfolded and forever changed the world of Guelstie. Both continents are at full war and only Sess holds the key to putting a halt to the elemental dragons plot.

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Small Business Advertising

Guelstie Media Web Design

My original intention was to simply make a video game with Guelstie, yet I always knew I would eventually have to break into advertising. After all, how are people going to play a game if they don’t even know about it? So I began with a bit of research as I tend to always do on a new project. Turns out a lot of people start off in the same way, unaware of what strategy they should take or even what to do with their ideas.

I am not going to try and tell you that I have a perfect advertising strategy that will make you the next internet billionaire, but I do believe success has not been measured fairly. It takes courage and risk to accept your own measurement of success and take the first step into proprietorship.

We as business owners shape business as it is today, and I am only successful when we all are.

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XAS Setup Commands

Getting started with XAS

I would first like to reiterate that this engine is not for beginner RPG Makers

The more I look into this engine’s capability the more I want to just dig right in! A framework is a must for any game, but it is very evident in this RPG Maker VX Ace script. Read More “XAS Setup Commands”

Live Streaming Good for Gamers

The Video Gaming Industry has always been tied intimately with innovation, from the birth and growth of PC’s to console gaming right up to handheld devices, video games have integrated and adapted. It comes as no surprise then that Live steaming, the delivery of content over the internet in real time, would be warmly welcomed by the gaming community. Read More “Live Streaming Good for Gamers”

Crypto-Currency Fund – Help The Guelstie Project

Any game developer will tell you that they want to get paid for their work. After all, is that not the intended goal? To be paid for the games you create. Crypto-Currency like Bitcoin is starting to make a huge buzz in business, and it is one of the fastest growing funding platforms. With that in mind, The Guelstie Project decided to start it’s own Crypto-Currency Fund. Read More “Crypto-Currency Fund – Help The Guelstie Project”

Currency and RPG’s

World Currency typically overlooked in RPG’s

Many game developers and RPG stories take for granted a world with a single currency. How much more complicated could the history of any world be made by simply establishing the notion of additional money systems? The genre itself tends to ignore explanation for this seemingly standard of a one world currency.

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New Guelstie Tutorial for RPGMaker VX Ace – Skills, Items, Weapons & Armor

What is RPGMaker VX Ace

“RPG Maker VX Ace is a tool designed especially for creating role-playing games (RPGs). Even if players do not have RPG Maker VX Ace, they will still be able to play the games you create.” Taken directly from the Help file in RPGMaker VX Ace

Today I took the time to go over the Help menu for RPGMaker VX Ace. I personally find it to be quite informative, however, it is a common mistake for developers new to RPGMaker VX Ace to overlook the information provided. It is unfortunate that there is not much material out there for someone wishing to create an RPGMaker game, so I remind those of you starting out to review the Help file.

Help Menu - What is RPGMaker VX Ace?
RPG Maker VX Ace is a tool designed especially for creating role-playing games (RPGs).

I started my tutorial by going over the Help directory pages relevant to the them of my video – Skills, Items, Weapons & Armor. One of the things I wanted to point out, as it is a big misconception, RPGMaker VX Ace games can be played even if the player does not have the software installed on their computer.

Several times have been asked if the software is required, and I would like to dispel that myth as best as I can. Also, keep in mind that there is no set way to create a game. The Guelstie Project’s tutorials aren’t created to show you how to make your game, but rather the basics of the RPGMaker VX Ace Software


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RPGMaker VX Ace Database
The focus of the Guelstie Project’s most recent tutorials is the RPGMaker VX Ace Database

The Guelstie Project will be spending a lot of focus on the RPGMaker VX Ace Database and the functions of each tab. If you are new to the software, I suggest you take the time to Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more RPGMaker VX Ace tutorials.

I work with databases such as SQL, MS Access, and FileMaker to name a few. The words literal definition: a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways. Brings us to the understanding that the RPGMaker VX Ace’s Database is simply that. The software calls the various data in various ways, such as the battle engine pulling the Enemy Troops that are set within the database.



RPGMaker reviews in process!

You don’t have to be an RPGMaker developer to enjoy RPGMaker games. For an RPGMaker developer, it seems near impossible to make an adequate game without the right resources.

Recently, I received many submissions for review and appreciate the RPGMaker community for their willingness to help in anyway! As a game reviewer, I have to keep my mind opened to all the customization which is available for games made by RPGMaker.

Homesick - Screen2
The quest log from Homesick demo submitted by

I have received many entries from the smallest of productions to major ones.

Pixel Me Square is an RPGMaker game made with cool 8-bit music!
Pixel Me Square is an RPGMaker game made with cool 8-bit music submitted by, follow his youtube chanel @

Remember, all genres are welcomed when submitting your RPGMaker game for review! I wish I could post more today, but there is so much to do and so little time!

I will be creating a new page when my first review is complete. I will also post with full commentary on my new youtube channel dedicated to those reviews as well. Please follow me as I continue to advocate for the RPGMaker community! Support r/RPGMaker and all RPGMaker developers everywhere!


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Guelstie Project and the story so far

(The following post is regarding the events and story line of my personal RPGMaker game I call the Guelstie Project. If you enjoy the plot, please return when the first demo is available for download!)

Guelstie (gel-stee) is a world filled with magic and lore from an ancient civilization that vanished mysteriously long ago.The world itself is dominated by two major continents, Dernia and Laline. The events of “Elemental Awakening” occur after a young explorer named Junta discovers a new type of crystal that possesses a unique ability. The crystal, named “Yuel ‘Itan” (Yule-it-tahn) by the natives of the island in which it was found, is able to absorb the time around it and record any event it witnesses. It was obviously a relic from ancient times, but ripples in the past can lead to tremors of the future.

Dernia, at the time of Elemental Awakening, is a republic comprised of small city-states. Many of Dernia’s residents practice fire magic and are well known for their skills as metallurgist. The Order of the Iron Hand, is an institution for noble men and women from Dernia to train as paladins that defend the nation. Naturally, the Dernian Council was very interested in Junta’s discovery. Eventually a treaty was drawn up that split excavation rights among all other nations, but the crystal reveals Dernia had more sinister intentions.

Laline had once ruled all of Guelstie for many generations. High priest and priestess kept order with powerful healing magic, until the Iron Hand’s paladins mastered the ability to negate magic and won their independence. Centered in their grand capital city with the same name, stands a massive white tower. The temple houses Laline’s most influential priest and priestess. However, not much is publicly known about what actually goes on within the tower walls. Junta initially offered the new element to Laline, but the material was looked at as an abomination. It appeared that Laline’s inner circle of priest and priestess knew something more than they were willing to admit.

“Elemental Awakening” occurs several years after Junta’s discovery and follows the adventures of his most trusted legionnaire, Saous. Take control of Guelstie’s destiny as Saous struggles to uncover the mysteries behind the new element. Choices made will effect the growth of Saous and Junta’s home nation of Treblige (Tre-bleej) as well as the characters available to join your party!

Guelstie Project: Elemental Awakening