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The Guelstie Universe and its Origins

A story lost in time. Space explorers that happen upon a grand new world. The Guelstie Universe is one set upon a world of magical beast and impossible technology.


(Gell-Stee) Guelstie Blog

In reality, this website is a creative blog. From the mind of David Hernandez (Troctzul), it serves as a virtual portfolio.

Early 2015, David began a hobby in game design that would lead him to create the Guelstie Universe blog.

Since then, the inspiring game developer has gone on to develop several projects. His recent RPG Maker game, “Call of Adventure” has topped charts on IndieDB.com

Call of Adventure - Eschalon Peak

Developer Interviews and Indie Game Reviews

Over the years the blog has grown into so much more. We have been fortunate enough to host interviews with other game developers. Had the chance to review great indie games.

Please continue to follow along with us as we move into another great year!

the Guelstie Universe blog
Welcome to the Guelstie Universe blog!

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