Developer Interview: GoodNameHere


Recent updates to the Guelstie Universe Blog unfortunately made certain type of post obsolete. We intend to continue to provide developer interviews, but never intended to erase older content.

The project will do it’s best to preserve this content over the coming weeks and republish some of the more popular ones.

Below is one of our most recent RPG Maker interviews: GoodNameHere and their new game, “Tumbling Apart”. Originally published November, 18th 2016. Continue reading “Developer Interview: GoodNameHere”

Respecting Your Player’s Time

“Here’s a note to developers regarding what we hope will become an industry-wide policy: if your game has some good parts, try to put them at the […] beginning.  It takes us ten hours of dismal labor to earn enough money to buy your game, so please commence the entertainment early on.   If possible, pack something fun right into the box, for instance a balloon.”

Erik Wolpaw

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