Live Stream 2/21/2018 – RMMV Update 1.6

Today was the launch of RPG Maker MV version 1.6 and I had to make sure the majority of my project was still working. Updates can be found here if you are a developer.
I use primarily Yanfly plugins, and though they didn’t release a video until after my stream, they did have this announcement to make.

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RPG Maker Live Development Stream 10/30/17

After publishing chapter one on Friday, there was a significant rise in views from the browser support. Would also like to thank the viewers of today’s live RPG Maker MV development stream.

Several changes have been made in the most recent update. A weather system that triggers just a little bit too fast. Controller input conditions that turn on the journal when a button is pressed.

Pictures are added to give the game more character, and I show you how to adjust them properly. Subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to share!

RPG Maker Live Development Stream 10/26/17

Major updates for Chronicles of Tamria game coming tomorrow. In today’s RPG Maker Live Development Stream on Youtube, I go over the new journal feature.

You don’t often need a plugin to make a good scene. The simplest solution is always the best one. I added  couple of new pictures to the starting scene and it completely changes the tone.

Earlier, I created a cloud image using Gimp. I will show you how to manage your pictures on tomorrows live stream!

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RPG Maker Live Development Stream 10/23/17

Creating a state in RPG Maker is simple. I show you how to make a state that allows the character to counter attacks or reflect magical abilities.

Testing is important to balancing battle mechanics. Today’s video was all about testing skills. After a few changes, I found my characters at around level five for the first real boss.

This week’s stream will lead up to the first update to the Chronicles of Tamria game. Please feel free to let me know what you think with a comment!

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RPG Maker Live Development Stream 10/20/17

Added music from the RPG Maker Essentials package DLC “Dignified Fantasy Vol. 1”. Due to issues with the naming function, I decided to specify the main character.

Darrus is a young traveler from the mainland of Guelstie. After taking a ship to Tamria, he seeks to join the Magistrate Guard to make his fame and fortune.

After some testing, I go over how I designed “non-random” enemies by using the same as random encounters.

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RPG Maker Live Development Stream 10/17/17

I show you a few of the tools I use to create games. Image manipulation software like Gimp and Aseprite take the cake when I draw or animate. They are difficult to master, but worth the effort for any indie game developer.

The votes are in and most of you told me to keep the stream to a mid-day or afternoon schedule. I am thinking around 2 – 3 PM Mountain time works best for me.

RPG Maker MV is lacking the “Name Input” functionality and I was forced to create unique characters in my last video. Watch how I use the creation tool to make your characters come to life!

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RPG Maker Live Development Stream 10/16/17

Today I show my character creation technique using RPG Maker MV. In a previous video I discovered the “Name Input” function was not working properly.

This forced me to rethink the character system. Now the main characters had to be seen as important to the overall story instead of just some random followers.

Chronicles of Tamria won the RPG Biz Community RPGMaker Game jam!

You all rated the games on and my demo ended up on top! Thank you all who played and participated. It truly is a wonderful learning experience and I enjoyed working with all those great RPG Maker developers!

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Creative Game Design Part II: Making a Plan

“…this disappointment [occurs] on the threshold of every human endeavour. It occurs when the boy who has been enchanted in the nursery by Stories from the Odyssey buckles down to really learning Greek. It occurs when lovers have got married and begin the real task of learning to live together. In every department of life it marks the transition from dreaming aspiration to laborious doing.”

– C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

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Developer Interview: GoodNameHere

Recent updates to the Guelstie Universe Blog unfortunately made certain type of post obsolete. We intend to continue to provide developer interviews, but never intended to erase older content.

The project will do it’s best to preserve this content over the coming weeks and republish some of the more popular ones.

Below is one of our most recent RPG Maker interviews: GoodNameHere and their new game, “Tumbling Apart”. Originally published November, 18th 2016. Read More “Developer Interview: GoodNameHere”